Term 3 Week 8

Well, we now have the results from our writing survey! Most of the children are now aware that it is important to know who the audience is and the purpose of the writing. Once they knew they were writing for the world to see, they were extremely interested in presenting a very good piece of work. I hope this attitude carries over to their everyday work! Their concern is whether the text makes sense and if the spelling is correct. However there are a small number of children who are not motivated to write no matter how interesting we try o make it or who is reading it! Here are some examples of the differing responses: ‘It is very important to edit your writing because if you make mistakes, the story or whatever wouldn’t make sense.’ and ‘ I would like people to think that I’m interested in learning.’ And on the other hand we had: ‘Not at all’ and ‘It’s kind of important’.

It was fun blogging with our buddies. Finding our information about them and sharing it. I was impressed with how far they have come in the short time.

It was an interesting exercise and we will continue blogging!!!

Term 3 Week 7

We are continuing along our way, blogging heaps! We are so good at logging onto our blogs and finding our way around it. We’ve recently blogged about Book week festivities and our Endangered animals report. We are looking forward to blogging with our 1/2 buddies. We have a few questions to ask our buddies to put on our blog.

We are also going to do the writing survey again to establish if attitudes have changed about why they write and who they are writing for. I’m looking forward to reading these surveys because we have had lots of  discussion about purposeful writing for an audience!!!

Term 3 Week 6

The children are still as excited as ever to write on the blog. They have asked to write a draft before posting on the blog because they are so keen and proud to have a quality piece of writing published! How good’s that!! Therefore editing is taking place before blogging occurs. This week we are blogging about Book week activities and dressing up as a book character and about the endangered animal that they’ve researched. We also had the opportunity to view other 3/4 class blogs and took on board some good ideas and compared their blogs to ours.

We feel it is important to get the children to complete the writing survey that they initially completed before we started blogging to find out if feelings have changed about why they write and who they write for!

So, have we achieved what we set out to do? Are the children editing their writing before posting it and do they care and have pride in their work?

I think they have shown that this is the case! The students are definitely more aware of their spelling and punctuation, and although they are not always correct, they are certainly more aware!!!

Term 3 Week 5

This week we are still continuing with posting our recounts on the blog. We have discovered that we need to publish our work on Word first, then copy and paste into the blog because you can’t type straight onto  the blog without completing it because you can’t save a draft! The students also enjoy commenting on each other’s posts. Our next move will be to visit other school’s blogs to see what they post and how well other students write.

Term 3 Week 4

We have had a far more productive week this week!

The children have written their recounts and worked through the Authorthink process thoroughly to have a very good quality text to post on the blog. This process has made them very aware of their punctuation, spelling, grammar and whether their writing makes sense. They enjoy sharing their work with others and value the feedback from their peers. Therefore we have finally begun posting our recounts on the blog!!

Please note: I have found it necessary for the teacher to check the children’s work before it goes on the blog because even though the children comment on each other’s work, some of the suggestions are not quite grammatically correct. However, having said this I have noticed that by the time it reaches the teacher some spelling and punctuation errors have been resolved.

Term 3 Week 3

This week we discussed communicating with our friendship school in Matutinao. Unfortunately they  can’t read our blogs. We will write letters back to them and post them!

We are still keen to publish the recounts the children wrote about their holiday. It is taking a long time as they have to write their draft, edit it and share it with a friend and the teacher (author’s circle) before it can go on the blog.

I have to say that I’m being a whole lot more careful with my spelling and punctuation since I know that it’s going to the world!!

Term 3 Week 2

The children are still very excited to write on their blogs however this week we have been practising our crossarts. We will endeavour to post their recount of their holiday as soon as possible. We are keen to incorporate blogging into our homework.

Term 3 Week 1

In our community we discussed the necessary punctuation required for writing, and especially on a blog which can be read by anyone in the world!

They wrote a first draft  recount of their holiday which will be edited by themselves, a partner & the teacher before it goes on the blog.

They are quite excited by the prospect that their work can be read globally.


The children also completed 2 surveys on the blog, the R.E pedagogy and student learning.

Next week we are getting the children to comment on the class blog about one of the experiments we have done in class. Which one did you like? Why? What have you learnt? Then they will get the opportunity to comment on other’s posts.

Data collection so far!

The children have responded to the survey about the importance of writing to them. Their responses are varied as was expected! It will be interesting to see how they respond to the comments about their writing, and it is hoped that they then want to improve on it.